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  Shipping Agents

  Our strengths are manifested in the route, tariff and time, but also in the departure and destination to provide quality and extendable services, we have many shipping companies have a good strategic partnership.

  Business Introduction

  Shipping business in Shenzhen Haisheng International Freight Forwarders Limited based on the business, we undertake the entire import and export transport business, advanced information systems to provide, from the Chinese ports to the rest of the world and the entire cabinet Pinxiang services, and The use of land, sea and air is a one-stop mode of transport, the goods safely and quickly sent to the designated destination. At the same time we also provide one-stop service platform, set booking, customs declaration, inspection, tax, insurance, warehousing, distribution as one, so that customers enjoy the full convenience of freight services.

  We also have a sound domestic and overseas agent network, can provide a variety of extension services around the world, all to meet customer needs. After years of development, the company already has a large number of experienced maritime professionals, familiar with the world's ports and various types of cargo transport processes, skilled in handling all kinds of cargo procedures, according to the specific requirements of customers, tailored to the unique transport program , For customers to improve efficiency and cost savings. At present, the company has established long-term stable cooperative relations with the world's leading shipping companies, and signed a very favorable shipping price with OOCL, MOL, EVERGREEN, CSAV, APL, MAERSK, CMA, COSCO, MSC, PIL, . Especially in Japan, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Europe, Africa, a very price advantage and adequate accommodation guarantee.

  Business Scope

  To undertake the import and export of maritime transport and the entire transport business, from China's major ports to import and export to the rest of the world's multimodal transport services;

  Import and export declarations / Customs inspection, warehousing / distribution business;

  Issuance of the full non - vessel carrier bill of lading;

  China 's coastal foreign trade / domestic trade container transport agency business;

  The entire cabinet, bulk Pinxiang, DDU, DDP to door service;

  Acting insurance business。

  Advantages recommended

  Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Fremantle double clearance, the destination port can be delivered to the door;

  Singapore's double-clearance, including Singapore to the door to the door; the real one-stop shipping, from China to Singapore to customers designated place, the island of Singapore distribution, the destination port zero cost (7% of the goods GST customers to pay, )。

  Indonesia Jakarta, Surabaya, Philippines Manila, Vietnam Ho Chi Minh, Malaysia, New Zealand, Canada Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal can be double clearance to the door。

  Europe UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, etc. can do DDU to the door service。

  Germany: Hamburg double clearance, the port of destination package clearance, can transport areas: the German inland, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic。

  US customs clearance package tax to the door service, the US maritime whole cabinet package tax clearance to the door, the US maritime bulk cargo clearance tax package to the door, the US immigration to move Canada to the door, the Canadian customs clearance tax package to the door, the Canadian immigration。

  The United States, South America East, South America West-to-door DDU, DDP services。