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Cross-border electricity logistic and customs clearance services
Maximum level of information sharing, making cross-border electronic commerce rapid rise

(1) the sender to provide goods transport consignment note, the basic content includes: the goods name, number, weight, volume (to be specific size).
(2) The specific information (address, contact person, telephone) of the recipient in Hong Kong is required.


(1) to our Hong Kong company as a recipient
A, the customer needs to provide information: packing list, a copy of the bill of lading (for tracking the goods).
B, special attention: air or sea to Hong Kong, if the goods because of less,......


(1) must be in advance of delivery before the next single, otherwise I can not do the Secretary warehouse receipt and warehousing.
(2) Whether the delivery of goods or home delivery of goods, are required by virtue of warehouses to warehouse warehouses unloading.


(1) Express declaration need to provide accurate names and Chinese packing list. Division I unified declaration!
(2) general trade declaration, please read the following eight points related issues.
(3) to provide a full set of accurate customs information (including: packing list, invoices, contracts, power of attorney declaration, declaration form). ...


(1) According to the goods provided by the customer to declare the goods to the customs.
(2) Customs inspection: Customs clearance of goods in the customs clearance process is an essential step.
Customs inspection: will open the product packaging, and even extract samples, for can not open the package, please state in advance;


(1) clearance is completed, the goods arrived in Shenzhen Division I warehouse, will upload the relevant data, notify the customer arrival.
(2) according to the list of goods, sorting by votes, the goods will be placed in different regions of the recipient to the designated area.
(3) the implementation of the requirements of the vehicle and the vehicle under a list, so that before the count off and get off after ......


(1) goods to our warehouse in Shenzhen, I issued by the Secretary of the financial statements, the customer to pay the full amount of payment, the Division I arrange for shipment.
(2) Our staff to send customers to specify the place, the customer single-handedly pay the primary receipt.


(1) customers to our own warehouse pick up the airport.Shenzhen delivery Address: Shenzhen Baoan Airport Customs office annex floor one, two (Wuzhou international first floor warehouse opposite)
(2) Our delivery to the customer specified place (only in Shenzhen and surrounding areas, the cost of the other).



(1) express delivery or logistics arrangements, it will promptly inform the customer express and logistics number, in this section of the transport anomalies, to facilitate the handling.
(2) after the agent freight, I will be the Secretary for the carriage of freight company's waybill and contact information to inform customers, so that customers follow up their own goods, and I will also have the Secretary to track the goods of the customer sign situation.

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