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March 2016 Badminton Association activities

March 2016 Badminton Association activities

September 2015 Wuzhou Haisheng Group Outdoor Association Mount Ma Luan trip

 2015 May Staff Birthday Party

May 2015 Staff Birthday Party

In October 2014 the first session of Wuzhou Haisheng Group "chess opponents chess chess" competition

July, 2014 "Wuzhou Haisheng" Cup Basketball Friendship

2013 July the third session of Wuzhou Haisheng Cup basketball

October 2014 the first Wuzhou Haisheng Group

In December 2012 the second "Wuzhou Haisheng" Cup basketball game

In October, 2012, we will visit Phoenix Mountain

22011 "hand in hand, create brilliant" outdoor expansion camp

“One heart and one mind, look to the future "outdoor development camp

Wuzhou Haisheng Group May 2011 Expansion Camp

2010 Annual Meeting

2010 middle and high level outreach training

May 2010 Management Development

2009 outstanding staff photo

2009 Huizhou Xiangshui River tourism

July 2009 Shenzhen TV Station