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The first batch of cross-border electricity supplier import bird's nest on-line sales

Author:Anonymous      release time:2016-07-14       source:Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

  According to Wuzhou Haisheng Group, the first batch of cross-border electricity supplier in the form of bird's nest by the Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau before the Gulf Bonded Port Office staff inspection, the official on-line sales. The batch of bird's nest imported from Indonesia, the value of 450500 yuan, is introduced on April 8 this year, after the cross-border electricity business New Deal the first batch of cross-border electricity supplier in the form of imported bird's nest.

  Bird's Nest since April 8 this year began to be included in the cross-border electricity supplier positive list, officially became a cross-border business "family" of a. Shenzhen inspection and quarantine departments to respond quickly to the New Deal, timely adjustment of regulatory measures, in the former Gulf Bonded Port pilot cross-border trade bond import bird's nest business. It is understood that the inspection and quarantine departments of the bird's nest of the implementation of two-dimensional code label source of regulatory model to achieve the cross-border electricity commodity "source can be traced back, to be investigated, the responsibility may be."

  Each bird's nest is affixed with a two-dimensional code traceability label, consumers use the mobile terminal to scan the anti-counterfeiting coating to obtain the relevant information of goods, including its origin information, test reports, into the bonded area supervision. At the same time, consumers can also evaluate the goods in real time, evaluation information will be immediately reflected in the inspection and quarantine supervision system. Inspection and quarantine departments can receive evaluation information on the implementation of risk assessment of products, products found in the problem will be taken after the timely return, recall and other appropriate measures to effectively protect the interests of consumers.

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