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Logistics managers teach you to do the logistics solutions

Author:Jiang Xiaobing      release time:2016-07-15       source:Wuzhou Haisheng Group




















       Logistics solutions must attach great importance to the link is the content architecture, it is the soul of logistics solutions. From the practical point of view, you can refer to the case before the PDCA logic, you can define a business logic, it can be customer-defined logic, customer-defined logic has priority.

Here is a common logistics solution framework for reference:

Background information:It mainly introduces the current situation, the competitive situation and the basic situation of the clients, the opportunities and challenges, the planned initiatives and the goals they are expected to achieve. But also can be related to the supply chain and logistics industry development status and trends.

Customer needs analysis:The customer's supply chain and logistics needs to sort out and clarify, and from different dimensions to be understood and analyzed to extract the most valuable and most worthy of attention to the core needs of logistics solutions as a focus and focus of the soul.

Solution modelAround the customer's core logistics needs, to build a logistics solution model (equivalent to the logistics product design drawings), generally in the form of pictures to be displayed. This model is intended to be a simple purpose, value and objectives (PVG) to interpret, if necessary, related to the organization of goods model, logistics management technology, operational processes (including logistics, information flow and capital flow), logistics path planning and Designed to clarify the logical causal relationship between the solution model and the customer's core logistics needs, and provide a starting point for subsequent content development. Specific related logistics technology and cargo organization model is not the focus of this book will be in the follow-up work on the logistics trilogy in the topic.

Service resources protectionIn order to guarantee and support the effective promotion and implementation of the logistics solutions, including the customer and the logistics enterprises need to provide what kind of resource protection, including logistics resource protection (capacity, warehouse, etc.), logistics information system support, project operation personnel and organizational security, Policy coping strategies, insurance and emergency response mechanisms and so on. In this section, you can put their own company's services and resource advantages, success stories and customer base information into it, so as to avoid a separate business presentation.

Logistics products offerBased on the above solution model design, the equivalent of tailor-made for a specific logistics products, it has a raw material input, a production process, a sales implementation process, which requires based on these cost analysis, plus a reasonable profit margins , Combined with the market price level, to make a meet the company for the project or business positioning of the price out. There is a pricing strategy in question: Generally speaking, for the company to win strategic value of the project, the price can be lower, to maintain breakeven, you can even allow a slight loss; for the ordinary cash flow project , We must consider the profit space; and for some demanding, long payback period, the so-called fierce competition in the so-called large customer projects can be taken to maintain cooperative relations with the participation of quotations, can be higher, and so on.

Project Promotion Plan:For customers to request logistics needs, you can set a time starting point, and then in accordance with the starting point of time to push the start time of the project cycle; can also be based on a time node, backward time plan to determine the latest from which time to start starting business cooperation . The purpose is to give customers a concept of time, that is, in the logistics solutions based on the above, what should be a time schedule.

       The above framework can be based on customer logistics projects or business size and complexity of different structures and content optimization, for the relatively simple logistics business, you can use 2-3 pages of A4 paper can make the solution clear, complex may require 20 -30 pages, in addition to attachments, WORD document format is best not to exceed 20 pages, PPT format, the document is best not to exceed 40 pages.


Logistics solutions offer strategy

      Logistics solutions, there is a core issue is how to offer logistics products. As mentioned earlier, logistics companies tailored according to customer needs a logistics products out there are put into production and sales of various types of costs exist, how to offer products it?

In general, there are two pricing calculation strategy, the core is the cost of measurement.

The first is a cost-based strategy: quote = cost + profit.This price measurement is called the transparent cost method or full cost method, is the cost (including "raw material" cost, operation and management costs, financial costs, etc.) for detailed decomposition and measurement, plus their expected profits Proportion of space, it constitutes a quotation, part of the "raw materials" cost may be the logistics factor market prices.

Another pricing strategy is: profit = market price - cost.In this strategy, the first is to refer to the market price of similar products in the market price is relatively unchanged circumstances, the trade-off between profits and costs - that is, the customer's offer is basically the market price, the key Is the internal cost and profit how to consider.

Relatively simple projects and businesses generally use the second approach, the more complex projects and business generally take the first approach, some logistics companies will be more cautious, will combine the two ways to compare, and then make decisions.

Logistics products offer in fact with the logistics company for the project and the positioning of the business is also very critical in the cost and market price is relatively fixed, one of the core of the swap point is the profit margins set, in this session may be Derived from several common bidding strategies:

In the case of a certain cost, in order to improve the project winning rate or business success rate, in a must-have attitude, often to Profit pressure to the minimum, or even zero and negative. This strategy is often used in strategic value for the enterprise and the significance of large projects, emerging areas of the project.

Try to fight for strategy:This is a slightly profitable, low-margin pricing strategy based on a best-effort mentality. There may be a downside to zero bids in a bid or follow-up negotiation. In this case, unless another competitor malicious bargain, must have, the general success rate is relatively high.

There is no strategy:Some customers business is small, more difficult to wait, require more, account length, often pay with the acceptance bill, etc., coupled with their existing business operations have been relatively saturated, limited human and material investment capacity, may take such a Can be no strategy, there is better, without it does not matter. Therefore, this time the price generally take the middle level of profit offer, in case the customer fancy logistics product design and service capabilities, selected by the customer as a logistics provider, and have better profit margins, it is limited resources, other profits can be Low-quality low-quality customers to phase out.

Friendly participation strategy:The logistics company for some customers logistics project itself is not interested in, nor the professional director, but may be for some reason, such as the customer's hospitality invitation, partner invitation, special arrangements or leadership feel is a good Of the training team and learning opportunities, the logistics company will participate in the mentality of friendship offer, the price is generally high-margin prices, but also means that it will certainly fail the price. This strategy for the logistics company, the most important value is the training team's business understanding and logistics solutions planning capabilities. Of course, this kind of friendship can not participate in the "surrounding standard" par.

     In the logistics sales process, the program and offer logistics projects and business is an important weapon. But with this weapon, does not mean that you can get the logistics project. In many cases, the logistics solution score good, the price scale is not bad, not necessarily be able to obtain the logistics project bid notice, or be able to get the logistics business, some "Kung Fu Poem" things in the final As a result, you understand. However, from the logistics of personal career development and career growth point of view, this result may not be very important, it is important in the process to access to different customers, different needs, different solutions and coping strategies , And through the actual logistics of the exercise and experience to achieve their own rapid learning growth.

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