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Shenzhen in Hong Kong Logistics, Shenzhen import and export ports

Author:Anonymous      release time:2016-07-14       source:The internet

Shenzhen China and Hong Kong Logistics Import and Export Port Introduction
Shenzhen to Hong Kong's ports are: Huanggang Port, Lo Wu Control Point, Futian Port, Shenzhen Port, Shenzhen Shekou port.
Huanggang Port is a 24-hour customs clearance.
Lo Wu cross - border clearance time: 6: 30-24: 00
Futian port clearance time: 6: 30-24: 00
Shenzhen Bay Port clearance time: 6: 30-24: 00
Shekou clearance time: 7: 20-22: 10
Detailed description:
1: Huanggang Port, also in Futian District, is the only 24-hour customs clearance of the port. People are more. After passing through Huanggang, Huanggang to Huanggang to the Lok Ma Chau shuttle bus to Hong Kong (to Hong Kong is also one of the preferred tourist shopping visitors). Fares: one-way HKD8HKD / person, 24-hour operation, 5 minutes.
2: Luohu Port, in Shenzhen Railway Station, is one of the oldest ports. Easy to find, but more people. After the customs directly to buy train tickets to Hong Kong (to go to Hong Kong free exercise to play one of the preferred tourist clearance).
3: Shenzhen Bay Port, Shekou in Nanshan District, East Point head, a car at the airport to Shenzhen Bay, to Hong Kong airport friends can be considered. It is worth mentioning that the Shenzhen Bay Port cross-boundary buses in Hong Kong, take the Hong Kong-bus, take the Western Corridor, a two-way, direct access to Hong Kong.
Hong Kong: Hong Kong Bus: Hong Kong through: Shenzhen Bay Port: Group L visa booking price; 80 yuan to Hong Kong: 1. Hong Kong Tuen Mun Station - (Tai Wai. Sha Tin) 2. Tsuen Wan - 3. Prince Edward 4. Mongkok -5. Jotun 6. Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon Station 7. Harbor City -8. Central. -9. Wan Chai -10. Causeway Bay
4: Futian Port, Futian Free Trade Zone in the east. Shenzhen Metro Line 4, Huanggang Station, from the subway out of the subway not out, you can directly take the elevator on the edge of the channel. People less fast clearance, cross-border inspection by the Hong Kong Kowloon-Canton Railway Lok Ma Chau Sheung Shui branch line to the port area.
5: Shekou port, by boat arrived in Kowloon City, Hong Kong and Macau Ferry Terminal, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong International Airport.

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